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Eric Jennings

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I'm a poet, an invocateur, an accidental yogi, and a dilettante. I dabble in patamysticism which is the spiritual branch of pataphysics. Childhood sexual victimization informs my writing.

eagles toppling mountain goats

he came up on
an eagle on a sandbar
looking over his shoulder
bloody beak dripping
with dead cormorant

it lost the gaze
and flew up and away
leaving him to wonder
about the falling man / t
in the newspaper / h
or was it real life / e

fear is a lesson / f
she taught him well / a
bloody anus of

my echo, my shadow, and me

I am a sixty-one-year-old white male of English and Irish descent. I have a genetic disposition for acne, baldness and depression. I am taller than average and slender. Clothing rarely fits me well. I was lied to as a child and things were done to me that should never be done to another human being. I kept that a secret

crown royal pain

i got my first crown just one month into the shut-in, shut-down, whatever you call it, the beginning of the time when everything changed, when the before and after split, when nothing changed. i had been dutifully avoiding contact. I meant to say ravishfully. introvert’s wet dream, eh? it was traumatic because (the crown)

was my first, terrified by

Yeah, That's Right, I'm the Yoga Language Police

The following is adapted from a Yoga Studio Instructor’s Guide that I wrote for my hot yoga studio. The heat specific references won’t apply to everyone, obviously, but I hope they are still instructive.

A professional yoga studio should allow instructors a good amount of autonomy in how they teach their classes. However, there are certain unwritten principles

Design as Snobbery

Design as Art by Bruno Munari is as insufferable as it is inspiring.

My experience as a graphic designer is long, not deep. I’ve been designing part-time for more than twenty years but sporadically and not to the degree that I could call myself more than a novice. I love doing it and have created a few logos and