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Poetry Review: Steady by Anne Whitehouse

Anne Whitehouse's poetry collection, Steady, isn't a poetry collection. Rather, it isn't just a poetry collection. I, perhaps naively, set about reading it without first getting a sense of its length or breadth. The book is divided into four Parts. The first, second and fourth sections, titled Morning Swim, Signs,

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the tyranny of words

First Pat: Did you just key my car? Other Pat: No. FP: You did. I heard it. As you walked by you keyed my car! OP: No. I didn't. FP: There. Right there. You keyed my car! OP: No. I did not. FP: it’s right there! You can't deny

photo of Queen Maeve's Tomb, a stone megalith far off in the distance under a dramatic sky
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Here's Lookin' at You, Kid

I don’t have writer’s block. I have writer’s fright. Nothing is permitted. Everything is true. I tell myself that I cannot lie in my writing. Is this what I’m afraid of? Why should it be any less easy to lie to myself than it is to

black and white photo of a middle aged bald, white guy looking at the viewer
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Exist Otherwise Literary & Art Journal, Issue 7

Exist Otherwise is one of my publications featuring creative writing and photography inspired by the gender-nonconforming writer, artist, and activist, Claude Cahun. Exist Otherwise #7 Claude Cahun was a Jewish French gender-bending writer, artist, activist, and anti-fascist in the first half of the last century. Their creative and political work

"Exist Otherwise" in black quirky type. Logo includes a tiny black moon in a teal 7 point star in a magenta circle.
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The Fause Knight on the Road

‘O WHARE are ye gaun?’ Quo the fause knicht upon the road. ‘I’m gaun to the scule,’ Quo the wee boy, and still he stude. ‘What is that upon your back?’ Quo the fause knicht upon the road. ‘Atweel it is my bukes,’ Quo the wee boy, and still

The Fause Knight on the Road
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Judas is Scared A Lot

When Judas heard the crow cock three times, he only did what his Rabbi asked him to. He fulfilled his destiny knowing full well what the cost would be. Condemned forever for an act of loyalty.

photo montage of the author as a wise fool with twisted hands and his heart outside of his chest, amidst weird hanging vines
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A Rare Old New Vintage Diana Camera

Many people say the light leaks are part of the charm on vintage cameras, but I find them annoying. If the leaks were random in origin, shape, size, or character, that would be fun. But light leaking onto the exact same spot of each frame, and in exactly the same shape, is repetitive and boring.

faux vintage photo of a Diana-F camera that is in pieces. the body is covered with electrician's tape
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Call Me Benjamin Button

At exactly the halfway point between then and now, time, in concert with the earth's inner core of blazing iron and nickel, reversed its direction and began spinning backward as if seeking its own birth in the fiery magma of amygdala.

Photo montage showing a doll head in a bell jar, a toy boy, monster with plump red lips, a sloth, a jackknife, and feathers.
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Tired: Substack, Wired: Ghost

I've migrated my newsletter from Substack to Ghost. The reasons are important to me but it's doubtful you need to be bothered with them. This change isn't the reason for my long silence, though. That's because my writing is becoming less narrative and more impressionistic. I'm not satisifed that prose

vintage distressed black and white photo of a grade school class picture where all the children look like alien robots
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Invocation of Pork & Beans

I call to Carna, also known as crane sacred witch, sworn enemy of screech-owls, vampires, rapists, and cads, protect our bodies from violation, ravishment and desecration.

Still from the movie, Tommy, showing Anna Margaret frolicking in a sea of baked beans.