johnny git yer gun

my name is johnny git yer gun
git yer gun git yer gun
the drum rum-tumming every one

before we begin
this trial of the soul
i would like to remind
yer may release yerself
any time yer like
from the chains which bind
yer can never check out
yer can always leave
yer preconceived notions
at the door
on yer way in
on yer way out

yer will not be tortured
that water-soaked bag
on yer head
will only be used
to wash yer brain
of any propaganda
yer enemies may have
planted there
when last yer left
the sanctioned safety
of consolidated incorporated

there is no burden of proof
for yer innocence
there is no doubt
that isn’t reasonable

my name is johnny i hardly knew me
i haven’t an arm and
i haven’t a leg
i’m an armless boneless chicken egg

i speak the unspeakable
i break yer taboos
what i mean to say is
caw! caw!