before a thing can be whole,there must be shards,scattered and smothered before a mirror can be whole,it must be broken before a thing can be kintsugi,it must be kintsukuroi, in the hallway is a mirror,while passing this mirror,we raised our fist,and we broke it smash smash smash. like a hammer,like a broken hammer pieces of …

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My Echo, My Shadow, and Me

I am a sixty-one-year-old white male of English and Irish descent. I have a genetic disposition for acne, baldness and depression. I am taller than average and slender. Clothing rarely fits me well. I was lied to as a child and things were done to me that should never be done to another human being. …

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is that all there is?

the universe emergedfrom the gapbetween my scapulaeand follows meeveryam where I go a hovering entiretyabove behind my headwhirling devilishlyI shall never it see I took up yogatwisting asana (plural)and meditation (singular)with open eyesin the front of the mirror and yet stillI only sense the gapfrom which it escapedme