Zen Chicken

with a nod of the head towards Sean Hayes

One day a student of Zen was walking through the trails behind the Avalon kitchen right over there when he came across a small, brightly painted copper colored rooster hutch. Inside the hutch was an ancient looking rooster looking out as if he was expecting visitors. There were two signs on the hutch. One said, "Old James Brown, the Fortune Telling Rooster," and the other said, "Look him in the eye and say "voo doo boo day" and get your fortune told." Extending out the front of the hutch was a small plastic chute over a white basket.

What the hell, the student thought, so he looked this old rooster in the eyes, whose irises were an iridescent turquoise, and said "voo doo boo day." Well, that old rooster started squirming and clucking and he puffed himself up all big and fluffy-like and the next thing you know an egg, the same color turquoise as his eyes came rolling down the little chute into the basket. The student picked up the egg and on it were painted the words, "open me." So he cracked that egg open and there was a little piece of paper folded up inside. He picked up the paper and unfolded and read the words, "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding." In that instant the student became enlightened.