99942 Apophis

the allegiance of flag to the death
I, 99942 Apophis, pledge to the heat
of Typhaon, serpent ruler OR
for which it holds a nation to
salute under mythology the sun—
with bones and uniform for all.

crocodile should be called by the sun
facing the OR with the united men,
over the demon when not in anger
man should be any non-religious animals
with their inscriptions uniform
and called it at the Greeks arrows.

the slayer being over Seth
the flag in the South should be feared
silent hand, the Atmu, the sunset
and Seth left the military
griffin the standing domain
of allegiance and evil
God-a-pahuti to whom
the poppy remain.

in Egyptian hand is
characterised a strong god
whose Republic conceived
rendered called the shoulder
call him the powerful
justice of Tmu and the right
hand of the one.

his render await as the Typhon
consecrated with the Thebes of Persons
he is the symbol and Pledge
remove kills the Flag of Tum.

the hippopotamus was to him
and his face and the indivisible one
the america the heart the states
the Akhekh and above all
the iron tortoise.

in Greek swine is hunted
who thought the dying heart
in the attention of the Flag
headdress also is horizon
or nefarious
who stands the liberty
below the western god.

hold Typhon called the symbols
to the evil silent and standing
men by America Nation
which sun kills to heat
the anger of his below that flag
Tum strong heart is
facing one liberty.

western Greeks rendered Typhon
as a flag Persons as him
nefarious are the Republic inscriptions
him the akhekh one the one not left.

that man consecrated States above
represents Atmu the poppy
with attention conceived
of and of the Flag heart face animals
with justice horizon dying in Allegiance.

of the remained indivisible South
any military slayer the shoulder
for the crocodile the OR the God OR.

when demon pledge hunted
who is salute rendered to
The he of god also death
in serpent called Ruler
pledge the Greek sun United
over tortoise uniform arrows
the Thebes Seth await the all.

for the characterised apophis
should non-religious and allegiance
all in and whom the hippopotamus
the removed bones rite was Egyptian
he griffin mythology is it hand
under of to Tmu the powerful
over headdress stands call
hand being their I
the a-pahuti and the SET
swine uniform called as thought
Flag god who right in
he and domain in feared iron.