Photo of a middle-aged bald white man with a goatee. His right hand is resting on his head, exposing a densely tattooed arm.
Photo by David Lisak for The Bristlecone Project

About Eric Jennings

I’m a writer and visual artist living in Oakland, CA. This personal blog is a repository for excerpts from a work-in-progress memoir focusing on my recovery from childhood sexual abuse. The working title of the memoir is That Time: A Children's Book for Adults.

I'm the publisher and editor of Exist Otherwise Literary & Art Journal, as well as the micro journals Frighten the Horses and Subliminal Magazine.

My early career was in theatre, having worked as a lighting designer, technical director, and performer. I began acting as a teenager with The Woods Hole Community Theatre. My professional career included stints with The San Francisco Mime Troupe, Seven Stages, and CORE Dance, among many others.

I have three yoga certifications: Bikram Yoga, Tony Sanchez Yoga Academy, and Ghosh Yoga Calcutta. From 2002 to 2018, I owned and managed Still  Hot Yoga in Atlanta, GA.