eagles toppling mountain goats

he came up on
an eagle on a sandbar
looking over his shoulder
bloody beak dripping
with dead cormorant

it lost the gaze
and flew up and away
leaving him to wonder
about the falling man, t
in the newspaper, h
or was it real life, e

fear is a lesson, f
she taught him well, a
bloody anus of a child, l
a child a child the child, l
with the dinosaur dream, i
again again again until, n
he never figured it out, g

the neanderthals, m
outside the window, a
in the trees, n
squatting, posed
him dream

have you seen the videos?
eagles toppling goats
from the ledge of
the empire state building

mesmerizing wasn’t the push
wasn’t the eating of scapegoat
was the long slow long slow
falling falling falling
in a dream
the long slow long slow
waking waking waking up
falling down

the calculation
topples the mind