I Don't Like Mondays

and the silicon chip inside my head is set to overload is set to explode

a glitchy photograph of a black shirt with a giant black ink splash where the persons head might be

pissed from drinking
thinking about cancer
feeling sorry for it
cancer didn’t ask to be
the villain in this

when i get older
losing my hair
many years from now
will you still need me
will you still feed me
when I’m sixty-three

we did not sign
up for this
there never was a contract
a dis agreement
no we don’t choose to be
who we think we are
even when it’s not

ebery [sic] time
ebery time
I just want to lay down
and crie (d)

my tochrondia
made me do it
makes me do it
makes me
makes me do it
is it
this is it is a bar

neon blue and red
a signal
a sigil
it says

Duluth, MN
January something
26 age wasteland
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Dennis Hopper
standing on top of the sedan
howling at the moon

rusted metal shell
a beacon a nest
an old heap of scrap
gorgeous burnt umber
ochre ogre orc roc

do we cause our own demise
were we ever really alive
a live

cancer isn’t a disease
it’s a condition
waiting to be described
waiting for…
go doe
john doe
johnny get your gun
johnny was a friend of mine
who died
he died
all my friends who died

cancer isn’t a disease
it’s a state of mind
an addiction
a prediction
a foregone collusion

happy birthday motherfucker
boo yah!
how old am I again
how old am I turning
how old am I burning
to every season
burn, burn, burn

a time to be born
a time to die
a time to fill in the blank(s)
is there a reason?

if there’s a reason
it must be cruelty it can
only be cruelty
what reason do we need to die
aye aye aye

and the silicon chip
inside my head is set
to overload
is set to

majestic terrorism
is on the rise
anti dis establishment authoritarianism
is on the rhyzome
is of the rhyme zone

do you think this is a joke
a guy I once knew
no, I met
insulted me with a joke
and then aplogized for it
by saying
ninety percent of all jokes are true

you know what they did in
Transcental Meditation™
they gave them all
the same secret mantra
and said it was theirs

how much of that is true
ninety percent
ninety percent absolution
the only absolute is that
there is no absolute

I know why we’re here

because we want to be
as simple as that
but that does ent
that we invited cancer
to the party

you call this a party
you call this a disco
it ain’t none uh that

tell me why

a bat flew in the window
circled the room
before he died
after the messenger bee

we’d rather be
in some dark hollow
where the sun don’t shine

will the circle
be unbroken
by and bye

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Jamie Larson