Invocation for Children of the Secret

there are no levels of spiritual development, no hierarchical scheme, Jacob’s ladder may be climbed by all. The key to heaven’s gate is visible on the mat.

Julunggul the australian rainbow snake,
regurgitate us from our dreamtime nightmare.

Xipe-totec golden god of the aztecs,
remove our red sacrificial cloaks!

Attis self-made monk,
drive us mad in your lion drawn chariot!

Dionysus drunken ecstatic fool,
free us from worry and the pain of caring!

Gabriel trumpeter of the stars,
won’t you come blow your horn?

Shadow rain dancers,
drown us so that we may be reborn!

Drummers dumber than strummers beat us into ragnarok,
scandanavian twilight of the gods!

The 20th card has been drawn
judgement day is upon us
no time for deliberation
action is required
hope for change must become
work for change and a vote for change
pleas for spare change must become
peas for the deranged!

Dishwashers rinse off your hands!
Shoe shiners get off your knees!
Sanitation engineers take this rosewater offering!
Telemarketers hang up on those who would hang up on you!
Maids and majorettes drum the bang slowly!
Abandoned warriors protect us from our own neglect!

Your lords of the material world
rescinded all prescriptions,
have parked you under a bridge,
usurped your ability to dream,
exorcised your conscience
which is the beginning to
your wisdom,
yours alone

the 20th hexagram has fallen into contemplation
absolution has been made and now the offering!

I call to
the forgotten,
the scorned,
the miserly,
the misunderstood,
the dregs,
the miscreants,
the untouchables,
the great unwashed,
the riffraff,
the maudlin mob,
the suicided,
the unmourned,
judge us now,
as we have judged you
ladies & gentlemen,
jurors & defendants,
tin soldiers and
caesar coming,
you’re finally on your own

the indigo iris has opened,
homeostasis visible on the horizon,
your third eye,
your master gland,
has been kidnapped
your hormones hijacked,
the link between
knowledge & intuition broken

you’ve forgotten the taste of color,
the smell of light
panhandlers & hobos,
bag boys & ladies,
bastards bitches & ho’s,
bucket sloppers and bed pan changers,
form a column at the intersection of
pineal & pituitary,
corner of the sixth estate & main

forsake your prophets,
your psychics who fleece you,
your mumbo jumbos,
your shakti shanti newagers
who sell you a bill of goods
for a voyeuristic glimpse of your soul

renounce your priests,
your saints who rebuff you,
your yogis your gurus,
who do nothing but lie to you,
deny you your blessed legacy,
your throne of crowns

abandon your avatars,
your buddharuppas who berate you
your mediums small and large
have anointed you with kundalini snake oil
that coiled serpent must be slain,
the straight path revealed

stop looking for secrets,
for the elephant with your hands,
for metaphors in grains of sand,
for straw in the eyes of others,
acknowledge the light beam in your own

the writing is on the graffiti wall
you don’t have a higher self,
you don’t have a lower self,
there is only the true self

there are no levels of spiritual development,
no hierarchical scheme,
jacob’s ladder may be climbed by all
the key to heaven’s gate is
visible on the mat

there are
no secrets to be revealed,
no mysteries to be unveiled
except the delusional self,
accept the illusional self

there are
no secret codes,
no secret passwords,
no secret handshakes,
no secret formulas,
no secret recipes,
no secret potions,
no secret incantations,
no secret passageways,
no secret rooms,
no secret meetings,
no secret covens,
no secret tribes,
no secret resorts,
no secret disguises,
no secret agents,
no secret spies,
no secret cameras,
no secret microphones,
no secret languages,
no secret writing,
no secret transmissions,
no secret messages,
no secret words,
no secret books,
no secret meanings,
no secret elections,
no secret bureaus,
no secret leaders,
no secret conspiracies,
no secret tortures,
no secret trials,
no secret wars,
no secret cabals,
no secret histories,
no secret societies,
no secret mantras,
no secret ceremonies,
no secret rituals,
no secret meditations,
no secret invocations,
no secret initiations,
no secret religion,
no secret cults,
no secret friends,
no secret girlfriends,
no secret boyfriends,
no secret playthings,
no secret sex,
no secret secrets,
no secrets that can’t be told,

there are
no secrets to success,

only washing dishes all
only shining shoes all
only changing bedpans all
only waiting all
only looking all
only seeing all
only listening all
only hearing all
only touching all
only crying all
only begging all
only helping all

there are
no secrets to enlightenment,

only choices all
only free agents all
only human beings all
only liberated beings all
only loving all
only holy all
only mercy all