Tired: Substack, Wired: Ghost

Tired: Substack, Wired: Ghost

I've migrated my newsletter from Substack to Ghost. The reasons are important to me but it's doubtful you need to be bothered with them. This change isn't the reason for my long silence, though. That's because my writing is becoming less narrative and more impressionistic. I'm not satisifed that prose or essay format is sufficient for most of what I'm interested in expressing. Put simply, my shit is getting weirder, so I've been hesitant to continue sharing it this way. But I miss doing it. I miss the occasional feedback or heart. I miss the feeling I get when I hit Send.

If what follows isn't what you signed up for, unsubscribing is easy. Just click the link below.

This message is going to be followed by a brief prologue to these new chapters. Keep in mind that what I am now writing is not meant in any way to be taken literally. Think of it as prose poetry, if that makes it easier to grok. The book I'm planning on making from this material will end up looking more like a collection of poetry than a memoir.

I also want to share some other things I've been working on. I've got three small Literary Journal projects ongoing. I'm learning how to make music and to podcast. I am continuing to rediscover photography.

Everything I do is an expresion of my personal story. I have realized that my disparate interests are all of a piece. I'm no longer interested in being anything. Writer? Actor? Visual Artist? None of it matters. I just have stories to tell. That's it. This is it. This is all I want to do. This is my eternal campfire, and I'm OK with that.

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Jamie Larson