I Said There's Nothing New Under the Sun but He Disagreed With Me Is He Wrong or Am I?

i used to be afraid of vaginas i thought since they brought me into this world they could just as quickly take me out of it but now i know they don't care about me one way or the other they were just a tunnel a passage a ghost a chimera zen koan flower besides nobody really knows what they are or even what they look like it's all a mystery to me venus the planet the milo the african source of it all the urn the lips the hands the feather tattoo the yoni the jane doze the musee the night sky the sun is on the floor which is for walking which is for fuck me pumps i think i've said all i need to say for now but i'll be back i'm sorry i can't help you i can't give you what you need i'm not talking to you i was just walking here i was walking here and i'll kiss you if it's tuesday there ain't nothing hairy about a falsetto everybody says they have no regrets but i have nothing but i regret it all