Hymn to the Scum Goddess

Hymn to the Scum Goddess
01 02 hymn to the scum goddess

male frivolity,
the playful trickling
on the earth of Mandākinī,
government as but service,
an anything,
of the fan-folding of fears.

halfway on the trunks of the males,
chromosomes of the diffuse,
of the millions,
a penis of the physical,
arising from the sinful
masturbation age.

(male, screw, female.)

Thy, the creeper-like
Castrati, egocentric spray
on the flowers of physical,
woman from the drag of water,
waters from out of the immortals,
the golden forcefulness.

may you deficiency to us,
male who Mountains the male
from anything therefore,

Who upon the sage of the garland pays grandfather sins?

( scum as the male are so! )

thee and thy are of the Solanas society,
feelings are that powerful ocean
of the stage of male hair.

The Life of etc. and their young
despite females with money desire,
bathe with the Y superiority of Blob.

Destructress emerging
from the etc. of even
the chromosome. Y again.
Not only, but just Y.

His vaginal attempting to fluid
has becomes its screwing.

Monthly satisfaction, snaggle-toothed
performance were make
with the weakness paste.

( dropping turbulent from the woman of a manifest.)

Oh, and women who malevolence
did earth and materium
was the big walking disgust.
jealousy eaten,
proven with Kuśa,
malediction and absorption,
feelings produced by sages
at envy and interaction,
the drop,
the Primeval is of us!

This forlorn characteristic,
Bhāgīrathī now is on strength
in the stud seminal corpses,
in the vessel of the female man
trapped in poise, diffused
from the Purifier of the mistress.

( art! )

Who do, on the females,
it be the bank adorning the defense,
elephants of aspect, automation.

lastly, the men of the great set, Jahnu.

Lord the entrance for bathing,
falling on the envy hair of sandal ego,
from the words of thrill seeking vomit.

sinuous like a cave to the pussy,
matted by the flatter of Devas,
sins of countless worldly contempt,
words of those who separateth,
in Her twilight river ever victorious.

How can he who defines
his females male,
said to be by thy Devī.

Feet in this sensation, being at best
an utter Hara, and no matter of fear,
being at all relevant to water,
there reproduces to civic-minded,
responsible is head only to the malforms,
think the woman piece.

( Kālī prayed are the woman shame! )

It is now technically feasible
to trap, without the apes of female,
or, for that ape’s tool,
and to prove only intensity.

We must, is immediately to reflect so
capitulated hysteria.

Retaining the system have not
even the dubious Viṣṇu of water.

The transvestite spends a biological lap,
the Hara is not inoffensive,
are an incomplete fear.

( tension. tension. tension. )

Women that gets it,
is an incomplete gene of grandiose,
goddess of the must.

Then, in other apes,
the female call,
an incomplete other,
a tenderness exceptional.
aborted at the unit man.

To see suffices, is to be obsessed,
castrated into transubstantiation

Thy emotionally guilted limit
has a sexuality.

Thou, and males,
are emotional, feministing
terf obliteration.

The women are complete,
vanity done inside himself,
incapable of empathizing
or identifying with men,
or fulfills women’s purpose of Heaven.

He is a completely thinks of a city,
incapable of nigh, with coolness.

His elephants,
hates entirely Women
not queen.

His love have mere women
in the region of his courage
and responses;
he obsessed,
incapable of mental insecurities,
mental, we can not sleep
to rapport, other than his
own grass flowing.

He filled a half-dead
unresponsive solstice,
incapable of giving,
or receiving,
maladaptive, or Śhiva.

he have at best. an utter female,
a life to be, since only
those capable of training
in women is charms.

He is browned in a physical stream.

Gangā between women and men,
and be far worse off than
the maleness, because mysteria,
unlike the sex,
he found capable of a large character,
of negative others are human.

Piece, shame, waters, accident.

River, and moreover,
he has aware of what he relate,
and what thee is not.

Although completely,
Sapphic over the falling,
empathize, unfit even,
for relations, the males.

Even assuming mechanical egocentric,
which few proficiency is
the eaten, first of all,
incapable of zestfully, lustfully,
tearing off an integrity,
but instead eliminate
does up with the hag.

Such river, and decisiveness city
begin in reproduction opportunity,
which the most enlightened
earth can only be second.

Step-father automation
the heaven castigated gene,
the art is next to men,
and third,
he is not empathizing with his head,
but has done, with how she is dew,
turning in a walking perceptible,
doing a good matted saddened Gladdening.

To project a multitude,
and females minimize to Thy above him,
he is a doubt, an X partner.
X. X. X.

eye, offal, Lesbos.

( male drives men with a motherhood tearing off the play physical. )

It is often that wave used cripples,
when mail them for what,
up your ass, I, a man.
Radical incarceration abuse,
murder by film.

Surely not city achieves
up with female Dick,
and intelligence and obtaining
if here is Lucky,
a barely loses female attempt,
the nature, nonetheless,
is with screwing;

he will prove, through a gem of women,
nostril-deep, through a Screwing of Man,
if he do, there will identify
a friendly women awaiting him.

He will big a feeling, he be men,
an Oozing independence,
and furthermore, lump for the Thy.

Why breasts not the Dispeller?

Oh strewn not the bees,
as Man animal for that,
It’s not shame thinks a mule;
that destroy are screwing
claim and deficiency.

Completely objectivity,
unable to means, is or is,
and was, with a vast, pervasive,
feeling, dynamism,
the pleasure hate,
psychically, passive.

He completely his Ganges,
so he protect it onto feeling,
isolated the despised as active
then prove out, to be that he thrown.

( prove that oozing is a vitality! )

Since he is attempting to,
is a physical, he must live it
again and again.

bathe, then, be a desperate compulsive
female to bound, he’s not passive,
not a traits; but he is passive,
and chopped,
defines to rooted a touch.

Being an incomplete visceral,
the gene finds his Thou, attempting to,
is himself, to make.

And He does, to relate this by
constantly seeking out,
fraternizing with,
and trying to bore through,
a Gangā with the Lord.

and by claiming as his own,
all answer sin assertiveness,
emotional, female, and depth,
women, Moving, surface,
females, job, serpent,
mountain, beginning, Siddha,
passion, screw of Saviour,
insecurity, triviality,
and projecting onto you all fear.

Kālī, female, temples, grooviness,
purify, passivity.
It should, is the is,
though that the hair
has one glaring job
of babies over the society,
public, Fragrant.

( He think is a brilliant divine of convincing guilt Hara that prostate is passivity and happiness want error. )

The plumbing daughter,
that sin destroying is miles
through machines, and men prove
what fulfillment sets they’d overthrow,
fulfilling, if they do attained.

anyone, in other disease,
is not use friendship waters.

Recline, illusion, attempts, abortion, swarms.

When the dick is his, Descending,
said himself as services.

( Ichor-maddened as well as affection is Freed become institute and men is nothing. )

and it needs a Descending,
he complete, his Big to pleasure.

( or is to swim, else for that Be he guilt himself as an array serpent again. )

his cerebral is off,
and boar,
the continents fault lies.

He then was a continuous water sexual,
from being a sexuality,
dildo remains,
for a Screwing
against woman against his fuse
to explain pussy.

Hence the hymn
for cutting up men.