Response to a Reputation of Despair

01 04 Response to a Reputation of Despair

meet the shit stirrers under a mourning halo.
join. asunder. collected. screams. collected. desire.
unsuffer the children.
unsuffer ye, unsuffer we,
unsuffer the silence, screaming,
frequently dreaming,
drowning in a sea of loss, loss, lost, loss.

pig-sticking party invitation.
hog-tied sow, nowhere under the
rain, beau, the drill fire drools.

Mister Marble Red Agate Aggie,
conver-tate the abused, the fire, the blood,
blister, a bute or all, absurd, abuse, absinthe in the eyes.

and how do we spark a fire in the abstract?

The host in the machine dwells in selfless
piety of abrogated selfish-less common sense.

Ignite the brutes, the fail-safe destroyed,
for hearts in their screaming pray for a share.

of what you ask of, you.

Destroyed in the scurrying shadows of sound.
Bright sorrel makes night, fakes light, makes up
the difference, broken dreams, broken day, the brackened light.

the slackened night.