when the machines came

we lay on the dreaming prairie
after the birth of mountains
killed forests in shadows of rain
absorbing memories from sand
through the temperate grass

your final contented sigh
released me from my troubled skin
to merge with a crimson river
where forgotten megafauna
bellies full with pignon reflect

tumultuous air and contained fire
once promised white-tail hart
and dread-locked

diceware gumball

rover earlobe garage folk lavish
untried yanking undertow enclose
deploy bakery excusable epidermal
dolphin frail repressed broadways
lapped sporty foe monorail glaring
shortcake salvation encourage
uncouth elm thinly custard anger
theorize coyness quizzical emperor
hydrant shrewdly handcuff wireless
fanfare italicize washtub preshow
knee blank kebab paralysis ultimatum
slouchy postbox around ultimatum
escargot clustered humpback backlash
undergrad plenty savor washer unpack


It is not known what his disposition was as an infant but it is assumed that he was born innocent, curious, bright. His parents were mostly absent, the father physically, spending his days looking for work (or at the motorcycle clubhouse being teased like a child by his mates), the mother emotionally, having spent her scant nurturing abilities on the

Hot Cross Bunnies


Outdoors in a clearing, an alter with crucifix on the west side, an entrance to the clearing from the east side, the entrance is open to the east so that the morning sun shines in.


Ox, UR
Eastre Bunnie, I
Ishtar, 8 Pointed Star


There is a rabbit, born of egg, sleeping. He wakes and sees

who are you this time?

being on stage gave you
something unfamiliar thrilling
a feeling of being seen
accepted approved the bright
lights in your eyes cast
the audience’s gaze in shadow
you knew you were there
studying you the intense glow
the lekos and fresnels softened
your gaze in contrast to
the harsh stares you felt
from the anonymous critics
of society even

johnny git yer gun

my name is johnny git yer gun
git yer gun git yer gun
the drum rum-tumming every one

before we begin
this trial of the soul
i would like to remind
yer may release yerself
any time yer like
from the chains which bind
yer can never check out
yer can always leave
yer preconceived notions
at the door

come dionysus

come blessed dionysus
many named lord of winemaking
ritual madness theatre and religious ecstasy
sensuous and beautiful androgyne
we await your disorderly arrival
from beyond the borders of the known
free us from sobriety and seriousness
anoint us with your pinecone-tipped wand
and seduce us into your mystery dance

come innocent amphictyonis
blessed and drunken goddess of wine
friendship and

the holy returning


many mystics believe
that higher states of consciousness
cannot be achieved through
the use of drugs.

many scientists believe
that mystical experiences
exist only in the brain.

the question both groups are not asking is:
which came first: the brain wave or the blown mind?


children instinctively challenge
the narrowness of consciousness
by spinning under blue skies

John the Rapist

John the Rapist was an itinerant preacher and a major religious figure.

John the Rapist is described as having the unique practice of Rapism for the forgiveness of sins. Most scholars agree that John raped Jesus. Scholars generally believe Jesus was a follower or disciple of John the Rapist and several New Testament accounts report that some of Jesus’ early

alps loiterer

the plague time series

literal prose:
we know how this ends
death smiles

every time they visit
to date
they have been responsive
to our refusal
to participate

they usually comes
in biker black
faded leather
white pills
leather jeans

oral reptiles:
we know how this started
derivative sins

it always goes the same
we might think
the frequency might